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Psychotherapy &

I am a board-certified psychiatrist, licensed to practice in New York and California, with over 25 years of experience.  My practice is currently tele-health only but I will return to an office-based practice in NY when the pandemic stabilizes.  


 Psychopharmacology includes antidepressants, anxiety medications, ADHD medications, mood stabilizers and antipsychotic medications.  Many individuals are sensitive to medications and I work to find the best combination of medications to treat their symptoms and prescribe them in a way that minimizes side effects.

The type of psychotherapy I practice is primarily insight-oriented psychodynamic psychotherapy with a focus on the root causes of emotional issues and conflicts.  I also use other therapeutic techniques including cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness practices.

I treat patients with therapy and/or psychopharmacology, depending on their needs.  I also collaborate with therapists for patients who are seeking medication consultation and management as an adjunct to their treatment.

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